The Outback Debutante Ball

Directors:                         Laurie Dunne

Choreographer:              Jordan Teese

Musical Director:            Bec Teese 

Production Manager:    Roisin Dunne


The local line dancers are annoyed, because the hall committee have cancelled their regular practice session.

Government funding has been obtained, to pay a visiting director, from the city, to teach a group of debutantes the finer arts of grooming, deportment, dress and dancing. The committee plan to impress a visiting member of Parliament, by demonstrating that the hall is mainly used for arts and cultural events, in order to apply for more arts funding, to help repair the old building. The original grant, is conditional on there being at least six debutantes, to be presented. This stipulation, of course, includes six male partners for the debutantes.


The committee have three local, would be, social society debutantes, but they need to convince at least three of the line dancers to become debs...... And find six jackaroo’s willing to wear dinner suits, and learn to dance the Minuet.
Debutante frocks and dinner suits have to be ordered from the city. The ball has to be planned to perfection, to impress the member of Parliament. Of course, things never go as planned. Murphy’s Law of the Outback applies, and everything goes wrong.


The hilarious efforts of the committee, and some of the local characters, as they set about overcoming, seemingly impossible obstacles, to achieve their objective, demonstrates the tenacity and ingenuity of outback folk, at their indomitable best.