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Bec Teese

Bec was a Bambino for 7 years until becoming a coordinator in 2011 and has enjoyed watching many young performers grow. She has performed in several BAMS  productions and became a Zest coordinator in 2016.


Jess Stone

Jess is a primary school teacher with a passion for theatre. Since joining BAMS for The Wizard of Oz  in 2015, she joined the coordination team for Zest in 2018.


'Zest' is the brainchild of Laura Enright and Sydney Jackson. They have been active members of BAMS since 1999 and 2006 respectively with starting out in the youth drama group 'Bambinos' and other productions like 'Beauty and the Beast'. Since graduating 'Bambinos' in 2010, both have since become co-mentors, or 'Boss Bambinos' and one day decided there should be a group aimed at 18-25 year olds. Then BAM! Zest was born.


In 2016 Bec Teese became a Zest coordinator and Jess Stone joined Bec coordinating Zest in 2018. 

'Zest' is a part of BAMS Theatre Inc., with the intention of focusing on all aspects of theatre such as: singing, acting, dance, lighting, sound, backstage, set design, costume and stage makeup. The aim is for all members to collaborate together and create performances throughout the season to showcase their talents to the public and share their passion for all things theatre. While we may not have qualifications, our love of theatre is what motivated us to create 'Zest'. 

Zest meets Monday nights at The Centre, Beaudesert and is currently on a short hiatus. 

Please feel free to email for more information.

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